Depreciation Reports

Depreciation Reports

Depreciation Reports are complex documents based on a detailed understanding of the various facets of the construction of real estate, and an ability to correctly interpret property market indicators for financial projections and discounting.

Our teams’ experience in construction and financial studies enables us to provide our clients with Depreciation Reports that reflect a realistic analysis of the physical state of the building and common assets, resulting in supportable financial recommendations and solutions.


We do this by first providing Accurate Inspections.

After 10 years of Depreciation Reports, Strata Reserve Planning has created an efficient system to identify Strata Corporation’s common assets, gather all the information required about them, and then put in place an information-based plan for replacement or renewal. 

This is based on a team with over 50 years of experience in the development industry, strata council experience, and financial industries.


Then we create a set of Realistic Funding plans.

Our recommended finding scenario is a realistic, manageable, and common-sense funding plan for the repair and replacement of components, with input from the Strata Council.

The BC legislation includes a provision for 3 scenarios, so we also include the internationally accepted Fully Funded methodology, so Owners who do not follow our recommended plan can measure the financial health of their Strata Corporation under their plan.

Our system includes both a Site Inspection and a free Draft Meeting with the Council to make sure the final report reflects the actual state of the development, as well as the Strata’s needs.

This creates an understandable Depreciation Report, as well as one that supports the Owners Market Value, by making the Reserve Adequacy (the international measurement of a Strata Corporations financial health) similar to comparable properties.


Planning for Repairs and Replacement takes more than a desire – it takes preparation, a plan, and the use of an experienced team. You can be assured that your Depreciation Report will be based on an accurate inspection, leading to realistic financial goals for ongoing repair, replacement, or modernization. 

Accurate Physical Inspections, combined with Informative Analysis, leads to Realistic Funding Solutions.
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