Alteration Reviews

Questions about Owners wanting to build a Secondary Suite, Renting the Clubhouse or Closing the Playground?

Alteration Reviews are independent opinions of a proposed alteration to strata property, limited or common, or within a strata lot, if it is compliant to land use legislation and / or building codes. This is beyond a review of what is required under the Strata Property Act.  The review meets the Consulting Standards, created by the Appraisal Institute of Canada

Alteration Reviews are complex documents based on a detailed understanding of the various facets of the land use regulations, as well as the various building codes.  

The appraisal staff of Bramwell & Associates has created an efficient system to identify the Strata Corporations’ land use schedules and planning designation, title, including the development permit, when required.

The inspection staff at Strata Reserve Planning have the expertise to describe the local building code requirements that may be applicable in the alteration discussed in the report.

The review also lays out what are the requirements that are required to meet the conditions that the city would most likely approve the alteration if this were possible at all.  This creates an opportunity for Strata Corporations to use independent fact-based documents to create policy and resolve contentious alteration conflicts.

The second phase, or Alteration Condition Assessments, are reviews of any alterations that are under construction or are completed, to determine if they meet the terms of the Alteration Review. We can also prepare reports on proposed alteration requests.  A report with photos will be forwarded to the Council, with our analysis. 

This service is provided to help Owners maintain their value in the development.  When Owners are allowed to work outside municipal regulations it impacts the image, and therefore the market value of the entire community. If owners are allowed to operate outside the Building Codes, it creates a liability for the Strata, with as far-reaching impacts such as voiding insurance policies.  Having independent analysis to create a fact-based policy will support maintaining Market Value.

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