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The Book about Depreciation Reports

Residential and commercial strata lots represent the largest investment most people will make in their lifetime. Depreciation Reports help owners save enough money for when major repairs or replacements are required so the value of the investment is protected.  

This book will help readers choose the right provider based on their Strata Corporations' specific needs and understand their Depreciation Report.  The book includes charts, checklists and worksheets that are indispensable for anyone interested in the subject.

We proudly announce that Strata Councils and Owners can now get the Definitive (and only book) on Depreciation Reports.

The Book about Depreciation Reports

ISBN: 9781738849000           Retail Price:  $39.99 CDN  $29.99 USD


As someone with over 30 years of experience in professional real estate education, I recommend this book as a helpful and informative resource for strata owners and buyers in BC and depreciation report providers. The author presents a simple but comprehensive overview of the depreciation report process, from hiring an expert to reading the report.

 I believe the book's client-focus is also helpful for authors of depreciation reports in better understanding what strata owners want and need in these reports and how to present this often-complicated information to maximum effect.

 John Bridal, BCom, MEd, RI, AACI (Hon)


Jeremy Bramwell’s “Depreciation Reports in British Columbia” is an impressive guide to those Strata Lot owners and others who need to understand the complete issues relating to the subject. The book contains a wealth of information presented in a logical and clear way using questions and answers, pictures, tables and graphs. One cannot read this book without being amazed at how much there is to know and to be grateful that this book sets out what to do with depreciation reports, how to do it and what not to do. It has my highest recommendation.

 Hardy B., Owner, VAS 614 

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Author: Jeremy Bramwell AACI, P.App. (formerly CRP) is President of Strata Reserve Planning, one of BC's oldest and largest Depreciation Report firms. Jeremy has written and been the subject of several articles regarding Depreciation Reports over the past decade. He has contributed material to the University of British Columbia reserve planning program and was a subject matter expert to the BC Housing Policy Branch in 2022.

This book is available for Owners from Strata Reserve Planning (Nicole at 604-638-496), assorted Booksellers and Amazon.Ca.

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