Depreciation Reports

Depreciation Reports

Creating a Useful Depreciation Report takes more than a desire – it takes preparation, a plan and the use of an experienced team. We believe that Accurate Physical Inspections, combined with Informative Analysis, lead to Realistic Funding Solutions.

At Strata Reserve Planning, we are experienced in all types of buildings, and are trained by the Real Estate Institute of Canada to provide Strata Corporations with a cost effective and useful Depreciation Report.

We use a systematic approach for the physical condition analysis of your complex based on past experience and industry guidelines, supported by ongoing education, to collect and organize the developments information. We review the past history of work completed, as well as the Contingency Reserve Fund (CRF) history, in order to get an understanding of your Strata Corporation’s long term funding requirements.

You can be assured that your report will be based on practical and realistic goals to achieve superior financial planning results and it will serve as a practical guide for ongoing repairs and replacements.

Accurate Physical Inspections, combined with Informative Analysis, leads to Realistic Funding Solutions.
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